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Jonathan Nigro began working with film and video in 1999 at a post house in Lower Manhattan called Consulate.  There he managed 35mm commercials for clientele such as L’Oreal, Victoria Secret, Bacardi, Slim Fast, and Mercedes Benz while working for editors such as Gillian McCarthy, Neil Dombrow, Richard Mettler, Robin Burchill, & Chad Sipkin. 

'Jon burnt both ends of the candlestick' while at the Consulate; the first 35mm film he cut, ‘The Lady Lovelace Deception System,’ was notably honored at the 2002 Hollywood Film Festival & ResFest. Long story short, since N7’s inception, Nigro has either directed or edited various films, documentaries, and television shows while spending time in the field as a director of photography, mixer, or director.

In 2008, an additional studio opened in historically beautiful Pottsville, Pa(two hours outside of Manhattan/Brooklyn). This live-in studio is established for future films and productions to be accomplished in peaceful, serene settings to accommodate all. The studio provides N7's team - - many professionals from both coasts - - economical means for future ideas to evolve and the assurance that productions will be enhanced with creativity, knowledge, poise, and exuberance in a healthy atmosphere. (Pottsville. The Future)

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