Origin: What’s in a name.  (‘The tip. The tobacco.  The holy stog!’)

The name 'N7 productions', originated from multiple experiences from Jonathan Nigro’s past.

Being the seventh person in the Nigro family and his positional rugby number(flanker), the number seven always played a role throughout his life. His fascination with the the number began when he was seven years old when he wrote a short story about an octopus stuck with seven arms, named 'Seven', born on October 7th, 1977. The story revolved around the creatures search for the unattainable eighth arm, which led to many worldly discoveries and a 'true revelation'. Starting with the trivial findings of all local phone numbers containing only seven digits, to and throughout the seven continents, came the only summation to live freely: a octopus must protect oneself from the 'seven deadly sins' and cherish the 'seven virtues'. This awareness, led Seven (the octopus) to displace his misguided fear of being tormented by fellow constituents for lacking one extremity.

To the dismay of his catholic grade school teacher, Sister Eileen, she brought the story to the attention of his parents who promptly taught him that the number was also prime. Nigro remembers that day, “My head began to hurt...I had been concentrating furiously on this number, and to not know about primes! I had to distant myself from the number.” So, after a period of wanting to be an aquanaut, Nigro picked up his father’s VHS camera and also began editing footage with consumer VCR decks.

Growth during his teenager years saw him take advantage of substituting written school assignments with video reports. The TV show ‘In Living Color’ was in its hay day, and during one episode Jim Carey playing a Judge screamed, “knapsack!’ The word stuck and still resonates to his hometown baseball team, the Cleveland Indians who were formerly known as the ‘Naps’ during the 1902-1914 seasons. (The name was in honor of then current player Napoleon “Nap” Lajoie who to this day holds the highest single season MLB batting average of .426)

In consideration of both Carey and Nap, Nigro dropped both K’s to create the company’s original name ‘Napsac 7’. The name was shortened to 'N7 productions' for easier recognition and less confusion.

Written by Robert T. Sugar (Producer, M-80 Underground) & in collaboration with Ives H. Urlacher (N7, Post Supervisor)


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