New Updates: (Power 09! Use it. Or lose it.)

» Con Artist: A feature documentary in the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival that was color corrected at Studio Pottsville. Actually, as you read this, the film is being worked on. What a time crunch!

» Honey Please!: A game show pilot with hidden cameras featuring unsuspecting husbands returning home from work, only to perform 5 ridiculous tasks for their wives in order to win money. Slated to air on the Game Show Network.

» KiDROCKERS!: "In a city where the stroller set may still want to incorporate live music into their lives, it's only fitting that someone has created an event series that allows them to do so. Kidrockers brings kids, their parents and indie rock together." - Excerpt form the Gothamist Review. Watch Pela perform hit songs from their top 20 Album of 2008 "Anytown Graffiti". More performances are on YouTube. Visit KiDROCKERS! for more info.

» Alvin & The Chipmunks: The follow-up to last year’s platinum-selling Chipmunks album has arrived! Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are back with Undeniable—featuring classics and 4 brand new Chipmunk originals! Features Drew Seeley and the chipmunks singing "Shake Your Groove Thing".

» Dillards Spots: Promotional pieces seen in corporate videos and stores.

» OVP: Short movie preempting a feature film dealing with our lives and politics. Have you every heard the term 'Horse Hockey'?

» Live Your Joy with Bonnie Saint John


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