Team: (Zap’Em with your Sirens.)

N7 relies on much expertise and pacing of:

- producer / on air talent Cat Greenleaf (wnbc ny),
- director/motion graphics William Heins (Skitch TV),
- musician Sisko (DiscoPusher),
- producer Denis Jensen (Partially Submerged Pictures),
- director / writer Michael Nigro (Partially Submerged Pictures),
- sound engineer Ron DiCesare (Ultra Sound),
- sound engineer Jeney Arrowood (Ultra Sound),
- editor Fran Gullo,
- editor Jamie Canobbio,
- director/editor Isabel Kohn (Forever Films),
- sound engineer Erik Kern (Pretty Bird Sound),
- production coordinator Raj Kaup (Skeptics Create),
- director Ryan O'Connell (Let the Children Boogie Pictures),
- marketing consultant Jack Daley (Nick Interactive),


- executive/marketing consultant Allen Haines (Gilt Edge Pictures).


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